The first signs of prostate problems

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What are the first 10 Symptoms of Prostate Problems?
Prostate diseases are very common, generally with advancing age.
The good news is that, nowadays, there are already many diagnostic and treatment solutions that seek to restore the patient’s quality of life.
However, for this to be possible, you must first recognize the signs that something is not right so you know when to act and ask for help.
Today we will learn about the first warning signs to maintain good health.

How do you know there is a problem with your prostate?
When the prostate undergoes any change, its normal functioning is affected.
From then on, it is quite common for some signs to begin to become noticeable that, by habit, tend to condition patients’ lives and are a source of discomfort and embarrassment.

Therefore, you should be aware of the following symptoms:

  • Burning sensation or pain when urinating;
  • Urge to urinate very frequently;
  • Waking up several times during the night to urinate;
  • Difficulty stopping or starting urination;
  • Blood in urine;
  • Pain when ejaculating;
  • Inability to retain urine;
  • Weak or intermittent urinary stream/stream;
  • Pain in the lower back, pelvic, rectum or thighs.

However, be aware that even if you have the condition, it does not mean that you have to experience all the symptoms at the same time.

The best advice in cases where patients identify some of the characteristic symptoms of prostate problems is to always ask for medical help, so that the specialist is able to make an accurate diagnosis through clinical evaluation and the necessary tests, followed by effective treatment.